• Rahia Zadi Loviossa Tristsolene

    Ok, so everyone here knows that we are collaborating to write one book right?

    Anyway to people on this wiki who do not know:

    • We are writing one book
    • Most of us has discussed this outside of this blog
    • Any type of writing is welcome but...
    1. Please try not to be silly
    2. This is outside of school work
    3. You can post what you write on Mrs. Steinen's Wikispaces
    4. No bullying plz
    5. Be creative and have fun!
    • Try to be diverse ( different topics)
    • Can be realistic ( But no nonfiction please, it contradicts the point of this wiki)
    • This blog can also be for homework
    • Oh yes, please note that everything here is under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA) license, 
    1. ​In short, NO COPYING
    • ​Add anything you think necessary!
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